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Fedora IoT Front Page update

ยท 2 min read
Emma Kidney

As part of the Fedora Website Revamp project, I have a draft of the Fedora IoT front page. This page is designed to look related to Mo's work on the Fedora Workstation front page. A lot of the elements are the same, they have just been adjusted to fit the IoT page.

The full mockup can be found here. This is just a static mockup at the moment, links will be added in soon!

Background graphic on hero area


For the background image, I reworked the Fedora 29 wallpaper. Fedora IoT's colour is purple, so this seems like a good image to use. I think the image reflects an electric connectivity element which suits IoT.

RAM Hero image

The RAM image used is a 3D blender render so other angles are available. I sourced it on, which has a large library of free assets for Blender. Picking what hardware to use as the hero was tricky as there's no single device to use Fedora IoT. Suggestions are welcome but limited to resources available.

Why Fedora IoT?


This section is similar to that on the Fedora workstation page. Colours were changed to suit the theme of Fedora IoT. Information here was taken from notes taken during meetings with Peter. Suggestions on how to improve the wording are welcome!

Platforms tested against Fedora IoT


Information on this section was taken from the docs pages. Vendors/platforms displayed are those we have relationships with who are doing in-house testing. I am currently waiting for approval for logo use.

Built By You


As Mo stated in her post, one of the goals we have for the website revamp is to make it more obvious how to contribute / how to join Fedora. I just updated the colour scheme to match Fedora IoT's colours and changed the contact information.

Feedback Welcome!

I posted this to Fedora Discussion for feedback. Currently I am working through the feedback and will post another update soon.