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Emma Kidney

Hello! My name is Emma Kidney. I am currently an intern for the CPE (Community Platform Engineering) team at Red Hat.

I have worked on a few things since joining the team, but my main interest lies within UX Design. I recently connected with Mo Duffy, Senior Principal Interaction Designer, to get involved in the design universe of Fedora. I was encouraged to start this blog to track my progress and get involved in the community.

For some background on myself: I completed an honours BA in Design in 2019 and I am currently at the end of my post-grad degree in Computer Science. I am interested in web accessibilty and universal design. I believe the web should be accessible for all, no matter what your abilities are.

I joined Red Hat in July of this year and have been loving it! From the culture to the people. I hope this is only the start of my career at Red Hat and involvment with Fedora!

Talk soon! o/